You Are Creative

I love being creative and finding ways to express the playfulness within me.  Do you think of yourself as a creative person? You are creative whether or not you accept that definition.  Each one of us is directing the energy of our lives with each thought that we think, and especially with the repetition of thought tendencies.

In the Way of Mastery, one of my frequently read books next to my meditation chair, it uses the metaphor of dropping a pebble into the field of consciousness, and realizing the rippling effect.  It reminds us that we are not victims of the world that we see, we are instead ceaseless creators, made of the very same substance of our Creator.

We gain energy and momentum when we use the power of our awareness, to deliberately and selectively choose which vibrations, which web of relationships we will pull into our field of awareness.  What thoughts will we resonate with and align and create ourselves with and which ones will we let dissolve from our minds and from our awareness.  We are choosing all of the time with the attention that we give our thought process.

Whatever we are experiencing in the moment, good or not so good, happy or sad, healthy or not, it is an effect, a ripple or a pebble or thought that we have dropped into our mind at one time or another and we are seeing the events of those thoughts that we have fostered and fed with our attention.

What is so very important to know and practice is making a conscious shift in our awareness.  We can change directions at every moment.  We can drop another pebble into pool of our awareness and know that our intentions are alive and within us at all times.  We are constantly creative and can change the direction that we are headed in at any moment.  It is about being willing to look at where we are at in any moment in time, and be courageous enough to “think a new thought.”

Are you willing to look at where you are right now.  Do you like how you are feeling, thinking and being?  If not, are you ready to change directions?  All that it takes… is a decision to do so and an intention to take one step at a time.  For me, I like to consciously connect with the Source of Life because it energizes me and helps me plug into the infinite flow of possibilities.

You are creative and you are always able to rethink.  Open your heart to the spirit and you will feel the limitless flow of Gods love.

Know that you are deeply Loved!  Blessings,  Rev.  Barb