Energy in Motion

I began today with what appeared to be a centered and joyful inner place. I discovered the threshold of my inner peace when I encountered another challenge with the installation of windows 7 on my laptop and I saw how close another layer of stress was when once again, I had to give up my plan to write and do what I wanted to do. Breathing in to center myself, I was prepared to call the microsoft team that helped with install the program and I found out they were not available.

What happens to you when your well being and energy is intruded upon by outside situations and trials? We are constantly directing the Creative Energy (God or Spirit) to provide new experiences in our lives that will enable us to say, “I Am…” and really believe what we are saying. What I know is that our words act as orders which the universe always finds a way to fulfill.

So I certainly do give it my best effort to be as aware as I can be, to keep that in mind, when I start to feel stirred up emotionally when situations, such as my computer and the operation of my telephone, went completely wacky.

Calling upon my higher self, I ask myself What skill can I call forth and build upon that will help me stay ever more aware  of my conscious connection with Spirit. The deepening of my breath always helps me. I often take a short walk outside and take in some fresh air. Once I get ahold of myself and I am not running wild and crazy reactive thoughts any longer. That is when I am more likely to be able to anchor my practice and use deeper tools to work on my subconscious reactive patterns.
I use affirmations of clarity that help me attune myself to the ever present divine currrents of transformation. Another great spiritual tool was brought to the west by the great master Parmahansa Yogananda. He suggests that we take a deep breath and then tense our whole body and then release the breath and the tension. Do this three times. Take a deep breath. Go ahead…try it.   Breath deeply a few times and then affirm:

1. I focus on my spiritual eye and affirm that I am alert and awake in the midst of any emotional charge.
2. I am the captain of my emotional ship and I sail upon calm and peaceful seas.
3. Regardless of any temporary appearance, my life is getting better all of the time.
4. I live in divine partnership and I am established in equalibrium and balance.
5. Joy is my divine right inheritance and I call upon it now, to restore me to my truth.

We all know when we have lost our center. Especially When fear is triggered by outside situations, we have a tendency to resist the healing that comes forth the very instant that we “speak our truth,” and call upon the Presence as Love. When an appearance comes up and it seems like it is able to obstruct the truth within us, we are caught in a shadow. We are then giving our power over to the tiny shadow and fear contracts and leads us in the opposite direction, away from Love because we have believed in the power of the shadow instead of letting the Christ or illumined mind live within us. Until our trust in the divine is so grounded in truth, we might let fear distract us, over and over again and the results will be that we follow negative thinking down the slide of discontent.

To help you develop new habits of practice I might suggest that you memorize affirmative thoughts, such as a favorite bible verse, or uplifting ideas like the ones I’ve written above until they become ingrained within you that will help you form new habits.

May love direct each of your steps and I pray that this love transforms your journey. We are on the planet to return to Love and remember who we really are as children of the Most High. Let the wave of divine momentum keep you alive and awakened to the Christ within your heart and mind. Allow yourself to feel the Presence within  you. Use the name that most resonates with you.  I call this the Presence, Divine Mother, Christ, the Buddah nature,it is Love expressing. There is only One Creator in whom we live, move and have our being.   Its nature is Love.  Stay Connected!

Know that you are deeply Loved! Rev. Barb Walley

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