Compassionate Self

As I began to look at myself honestly, I discovered that I had some patterns of judgment and criticism that I knew I had to grow beyond to become the spiritual person I am determined to be.  I had made lots of progress along the way, yet I saw patterns that were in my family that no longer served the larger intention for my life.  I choose to be a loving and compassionate presence on the planet and the hidden patterns of criticism and judgment of myself and others that always seemed to pop up when I did not like something someone did or said, their energy or just about anything about “them” that made me feel uncomfortable.  The automatic triggers just did not work.

As I grow more loving and compassionate, I see how hurtful thoughts, anger and even patterns of hatred can be healed by love.  No one means to disconnect from their divine nature, but some how along the path of our lives, we loose the vital connection that we need to live in harmony with our higher selves.  It takes healing those parts of ourselves that are ripe to become a presence for good on the planet as we become the compassionate mirror rather than reactive, angry, resentful, and even cruel when we are threatened with the truth that stirs our feelings of inadequacy.  If someone is not loving toward us it is not because we have deserve that treatment, it is simply where they are at the moment.  It is a call for love and compassion.

In his book, TEACH ONLY LOVE, Gerald Jampolsky writes, “We can always see ourselves and others as either extending love or giving a call for help. Rather than seeing anger and attack, it is always possible for us to recognize a call for help and to answer with love.”

Learning to be more compassionate toward myself and others is a growing process.  There are times when the transition from one state of mind to a higher state is not as easy as other times.  I am hard on myself when it takes me longer than I think it should and then I recognize that I need to be more forgiving toward myself and whatever it takes to rise above the circumstances and situations that come up.  I don’t want to carry the weight of patterns of anger or reactive triggers that are based in feeling less than in some way.  I turn those over to God to heal them all the way to the cause and root.  I am ready to let them all go now and forever so I am be who I am destined to be in service as a loving presence and light on the planet.

I am grateful that I have chosen a path that helps me become a more loving person.  I am far more compassionate than I ever thought I could be and I still have room to grow.  If you want to let go of judgment and the fear of being criticized, then work on that place within your heart that will open up as we connect with our higher selves, the Christ within us.

Know that you are Loved,  Rev. Barb

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