Returning Love (Part 1)

When we naturally desire to return love and give it back to our Source out of gratitude, we demonstrate our genuine appreciation and awareness of where the love came from to begin with.

The Course in Miracles asks “How do we demonstrate our love for our Father? How do we return it to Him?” This lesson says “I must return it, for I want it to be mine in full awareness….” Meaning, I want to experience the love that I am, and it is available to our awareness when we extend that love to our brothers and sisters. St. Francis of Assisi said that “For it is in giving, that we receive.”  This is because to our creator they are one. We are basically giving to ourselves. “Father, I must return Your Love for me, for giving and receiving are the same, and You have given all Your Love to me.” (1.1)

To realize who we really are, to know myself fully as the Love that I am, then it is my responsibility to release the blocks I have to love that I have created because I have held on to judgments and grievances that I have unconsciously hidden behind my defenses. Our true nature is Love, which is our divine inheritance, given to us by God.  If we place more value on maintaining our defenses than we do on our bringing forth a more full awareness, then we will use those defenses as a substitute for love.

The purpose of this blog and the work I will continue to do as a spiritual life coach is to provide spiritual life skills that will help you grow, transcend and transmute any blocks you may have to experiencing your full potential and spiritual liberation.  As I grow I will continue to share what is deepening within myself.  When we are willing to bring any blocks to love to our full awareness and turn them over to the Holy Spirit we are forgiving what stands in the way of love. And thus we experience the miracle.  A miracle is a divine opportunity and correction and it restores us to our spiritual truth and liberates us from the illusions we have bought into.  I am available to individual coaching sessions.  Contact me at

Know that you are deeply Love,  Rev. Barb

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