Hearts Song

In 1970 I had a spiritual experience that launched my awakening process that still continues to this day. I was exposed to the wisdom of the ages and I was also exposed to a lot of distractions that came through the active explorations that came through the colorful exposures that I was blessed with as a native Californian

In 1980 I found the Science of Mind and the universal wisdom that Dr. Ernest Holmes brought forth. My mind was awakened and inspired to explore the depth of the common spiritual threads of truth that exist at the core of the ageless wisdom I was learning about.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it is the nature of mind to sometimes see ourselves as God in Nature and sometimes to think, I am a weed by the wall. When we compare ourselves to perfection we can easily fall short of our ultimate truth, especially when we look only through the lens of the mind.

I have been working on experiencing myself and life through the wisdom of my heart. I find that I have an entirely different take on myself and all of life when I stop living in my head. The wonderful teaching which I love can over expose us to only the mental point of view, which has its value, but is also limiting.

Learning to open our hearts and live attuned to our hearts song lifts our vibration to a new realm of experiences that transcend the mentality and the logical traps that the mind triggers. The heart is born anew each moment when we are awakened to a new way of being attuned to life itself. The stillness of love and balance reaches beyond the mind and removes the splitting hairs of deductive reasoning that keeps us trapped in the past.

Know that you are Loved!   Rev. Barb



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