Transformational Times

As part of my daily spiritual practice I read a lesson from the Course in Miracles.  I study it because it helps me remember that I am Spirit and I am not my body and the ego dominated projections that I make up and project on to the screen of my life.  It is amazing how tenacious our egos are.

We are living in times of great change and the ego is battling for the way of life that it has always enjoyed.  Because I have made a decision to live in my Spiritual nature as consistently as I can, I am doing my best to catch myself when my ego takes over.  It happens in so many ways that it is easy to slip and fall into its tenacious grip.

The Course in Miracles reminds me to be vigilant and remain in partnership with God, and I simply have to ask for help.  “Ask and you will be answered. Seek and you will find.”   Each moment we choose to be awakened more fully and alert to our truth or we can fall back asleep and remain in fear and the confusion of the world.

Do you catch yourself in judgment?  It is easy to find fault with ourselves and others around this yet it does not help, it hinders.  The awareness is powerful and the decision to stop living in reaction to our own judgments opens the prison of our own making.

You can decide to lay judgment aside. The process help us see how the ego diverts us from being at peace and from experiencing happiness.  As we release our grievances and judgments, we begin to feel and hear the truth. Forgiveness is at the heart of this, making a space in our mind where the Voice for truth can be heard.

Know that you are Loved,

Rev. Barb Walley


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