Ego Resists Forgiveness

The Course in Miracles is designed to bring us peace and help us live in harmony with our true nature.  When we are feeling resistance to letting go of a grudge or judgment we have toward ourselves or someone else, we are making a decision to hold on to the issue instead of being free.  That blocks the joy from our hearts and minds.

The  course offers daily practice is to embrace a new way of thinking that brings forth a powerful healing.   This is similar to the blessings that Jesus gave to his disciples when he appeared to them after his resurrection and said “peace be with you.”  That is the purpose of these three phrases: “Let peace extend from my mind to yours;” I share the light of the world with you name;” and “through my forgiveness I can see this as it is.”

When I run into my own resistance it bothers me and I begin feeling the struggle that drains my energy.  I quickly place my thoughts on the Altar where I ask for help in letting go of the block within me so that I can be free.  I encourage you to use these tools as I know they work for me when I allow them to do so.

Know that you are loved.   Blessings,  Rev. Barb

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