Gentle Spirit: Part 2

We have inherited divine natures that are gentle and loving. We probably need to grow into them from what I have observed in my own life. My ego wants to push all of that stuff aside and get what I want. The trouble with that is that does not work to create a life of peace, joy and harmony for everyone

As spiritual beings we are choosing to become more gentle and loving toward ourselves, the Earth and all others. How are we using the power of our magnetism? We are here to share our love and uplift, expand and support the expression of love wherever we are.
We need to ask ourselves how are we using these precious energies?   These gifts of life are meant for everyone.  They are not meant to be misused only by the powerful to gain more money, control over the resources.  We all must honor the whole.  Take a “higher view” and realize the “intention” behind realizing how to use these powerful “spiritual tools” are for the “Highest” and “greatest purposes” that are so greatly needed.
My personal goal is to share the love and healing power with as many souls as I can.  I am in service to help others make their sacred connection to Spirit.  I provide tools, hope and universal wisdom to help you get closer to the Source that loves you deeply.  I pray that everyone can feel the love that I feel blessed with every day and learn how to use universal “Laws” wisely.  I will share divine truths to help you see beyond self interests to the divine, inclusive and gentle nature of God within us all.  These qualities belong to all people everywhere and have no religious ownership because they come from the Source of Life and were never given to impose dogmatic ownership.
Many creative beings from artists, musicians, metaphysicians and more recently scientists have realized the generating power of Spirit and the “vibrations” that are sent out with every loving thought, feeling, intention and the consequences of mis-directing that energy.  Science has proven that energy never dies but it can be changed. That is one of our intentions as we honor our “divinity.”  We can learn to use the energy within us more wisely and with dedication to support an expanding harmony and peace on earth.  It is ours to support this greater vision and to take positive actions to bring it about.
This life is for “mastery” and I hope that you choose to align with Spirit mentally, physically, emotionally, or energetically and let your love help us all grow beyond the habits we’ve held on to for many “lifetimes.”   Our willingness to be lovingly guided to re-qualify what we feel, dwell on or think about. Our work is truly transformational because it will change the lingering human shadows and can potentially “interrupt” the patterns that are clearly not divine in origin.  It is time that we shift from our mortal sense of self and turn it “over” to the Holy Spirit and learn to be forgiving of ourselves and others and lets interrupt these old patterns and bring them into the light.
“Keep the Divine Fires Going” and place every less than feeling, every un-loving pattern of comparison – judgment – anger – reactive thought or belief that denies our oneness and separates us from LOVE on the altar because it simply has got to go!  Give it over without attachment and you too will learn to “Toil Not” nor will you have to ”Spin.”

Know that you are Loved.   Rev. Barb Walley

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