Gentle Spirit: Part 1

The Christian Bible teaches us that if our “Eye is single we shall be filled with light.”  That is, when we perceive the Unity of Good we shall experience it and feel it because we are no longer divided but living in alignment with the whole. But if our eye be filled with evil or shadows of fear and separation we shall remain in darkness. We must cleave to the good and trust absolutely in Spirit to bring about divine and positive outcomes and uplifting results.  Divine Mind will mold our purposes when we allow It to do so.

As we learn to depend more and more upon the universal truths we shall find that the outward things which are necessary to our good, will be provided.  We shall be cared for as the Lilies of the Field, which live directly upon the Divine bounty. And yet they toil not nor do they spin.   This was a quote by Ernest Holmes.  Dr. Holmes often quoted Jesus and suggested that we Seek First the Kingdom and learn to be deeply focus on the highest and greatest trust and understanding that we can embrace.

Spiritual Mastery is about gaining a control of our Thoughts, Feelings and energy.   We can become exhausted doing this work alone.  We need to realize that life triggers our  unconscious feelings and we will just express them unconsciously until we awaken more fully.  Do you want to express your shadows without any filters?  That is what happens and it leaks out of our energy field and acts upon life, often someone else is impacted before we realize that it has come up from our unconsciousness to be healed.

We are being called to live more masterfully and we can choose to call forth a greater willingness to be “gentle.” The Beloved is so quiet and gentle – we barely notice the “Presence” when it’s with us.

Dr. Holmes said that Divine Mind will mold our purposes when we allow It and we invite it to do so.  I believe he was talking about an intimate partnership and learning to surrender and clear all separating thoughts and willfulness.  This is the reason why I suggest you place all negative thinking and beliefs on the “Altar Fire” of the “Holy Spirit.”

When the Master Jesus said that he was providing a means for his followers  to always be in His Presence, he was calling our awareness to the “Holy Spirit,” and the many ways we are brought back into the “light” when our thoughts, feelings and attitudes are not in alignment with truth.

Gods Nature really is quite gentle, sweetly gracious and absolutely loving.  Know that you are loved,

Blessings,  Rev. Barb Walley

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