Projections or Peace

Have you noticed that you project your thoughts outside of yourselves? As I have realized this I am learning to watch my thoughts and ask myself where I am placing them.  The path of awakening in New Thought – Ancient Wisdom teachings is learning to live attuned to divine wisdom.  To reach higher consciousness we must be aware of  what is within us, what shows up around us and what is actually expressing as us.

Spirit always brings peace to every situation directly or indirectly depending on what is going on with us.  We have all inherited peace as our true nature and it expresses as joy, harmony and good of every shape, size, shade and value. Being Love is the highest expression of our true nature and it is always calling us to see through Gods eyes which is always expressing love or directing us to it through a course correction.  If we are receptive and accept the correction, we will feel better, our vibration is raised, our relationships and situations will heal.

We suffer when we see only the reflection of our minds that are regurgitating the past hurts, resentments, fears, dramas, attitudes of being less than and we project them on the screen of our lives. We hurt ourselves and others when we hold on to these patterns. There are all sorts of negative scenarios that will play out until we are willing to see that we have been unconsciously projecting our inner unresolved feelings and dramas onto the screen of our lives, pouring our stuff all over the people we care about the most.  Or when we bury our true feelings we will find someone to project those feeling on that we will blame for the responsibility that we are not willing to accept because of shame and guilt.

Forgiveness is the key to washing our spirits clean.  We must have the heart to forgive ourselves and so that we can forgive others.  I ask the presence and power of Holy Spirit and Divine Mother to help me clear any deeply seeded beliefs that I have buried in this life or any other that are caught in my body, mind, spirit, or subtle bodies and help me transmute them completely.  Heal them all the way back to the root and original causal imprint that I have unconsciously carried.  I am aware that it has blocked my vision, squelched my joy and programmed my vibration with less than feelings that I want clear now and forevermore.

I have dedicated my life to helping others do this work, so you don’t have to live with this kind of pain and suffering for as long as I have.

We are living in an awesome time of transformation when we can really heal and resolve these patterns of projection from our past and remove the seed thoughts that we have planted that are not our spiritual truths.  I promise to share everything I know and ground breaking tools I have discovered to  provide tools that will help release you from the limitations that you have believed that will keep you in emotionally imprisoned.

Know that you are Loved,

Rev. Barb Walley

2 thoughts on “Projections or Peace

    • Hi Anne: I would suggest that they get clear on their willingness to begin. Practice asking, if I could forgive myself or the other person, what might it feel like to do so. I would also coach them through some exercises on a one on one basis if they wanted to do that work.

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