In All the Wrong Places

Are you looking for love in all of the wrong places?  If you are like me, you might even  forget once in a while, just where love comes from.  In chapter 5.VII of the Course in Miracles “The Decision for God” says in paragraph 6 “I must have decided wrongly, because I am not at peace.

When we think we are the Source of love, we can turn our whole world upside down. What drives your thoughts, feelings and relationships? I have noticed that my ego is always busy comparing, judging, analyzing or evaluating. The ego feels guilty or blames, it wants this and it needs that. The ego demands to be special. It is needy and feels inadequate, unworthy, narcissistic. It can be predatory, dualistic, hateful, angry, proud, and arrogant. It is always plotting ways to get what it wants. The ego is obsessive and can be resentful, feeling there is some kind of lack. Ego wants to control and it is crafty and will find different ways to go about getting its way and that is always affirming powerlessness in one form or another. The ego is all about lack, not being enough or having enough.

The really good news is your higher self will use everything you are willing to turn over to bring forth your freedom and liberate you from all that is causing you stress and it will lift you up in ever expanding realms of love and transformation. The only real lack is the clear awareness of our holiness. The truth is that nothing is lacking in who we are as the Christ Self. But until we experience this fully, as the truth about ourselves, we will continue to manifest all of the aspects of ego mind.  This will cause us pain and suffering.

We are the Sonship.  Every right action helps to bring us more securely on board. We become the embodiment of heaven on earth. There is a process of ascension up the ladder of consciousness that moves the lower awareness within us that meets and integrates with the higher realms of divine mind through our hearts. There is a  descending light of divine consciousness that is attracted to our deep desire, receptivity and willingness. This is a process that is essential to being of greater service and extending our light in powerfully uplifting and expansive ways that are beneficial to humanity.

We live in a world that cannot continue in the same direction.  The lives we have been living have been driven by consumerism and we are all suffering because our world is addicted to spending more than we have. The feelings of lack run so deeply and there are endless examples of trying to fill a hole within us up with things in the world whether it is relationships, food, money, power, fame, sex, alcohol or drugs; it is an insatiable need for attention that is misdirected.  When we try to meet these needs by creating  special relationships, we try to find the love that we think we are lacking.  In the process of looking for love in all the wrong places we become needy, predatory, manipulative and competitive.

Right now, everyone on the planet is going through a purifying time that is very challenging on many levels.  We simply cannot afford to stay in denial any longer. Be the observer of your own thoughts, attitudes and feelings. Do yourself a favor and turn to the divine. Please place any and all negativity on the altar fire of the Holy Spirit and release yourself from the prison of fear, control issues, anger, resentment and any form of unforgiveness. You do not heal alone. When you are open to healing, you open the doors and windows for others to heal with you.

Know that you are Love!

Namaste, Rev. Barb Walley

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