Be Still

Each time I really notice the non stop chatter in mind, I wonder if it ever really shuts up.  And then I remember those wonderful pauses that I am able to receive when I turn it over to God, Higher Power, the Holy Spirit.  The point is to give it over to a power greater than the ego.

The Course in Miracles tells us to notice the endless chattering of the ego, claiming to be You, which goes on every hour we are awake or asleep.  It keeps us bound up in its endless demands and lists of things to do.  It is insatiable.  It distracts us by demanding a drink of water, do errands and get to work on time, you better eat something, watch TV, call someone, workout, take vitamins… on and on. 

Just Breath again and again. Learn to be conscious of your breathing and let the rhythm of your breath take you to a more still place.  Even in the chaos of your day, you can find many opportunities to pause and breath consciously.  It really works!

Get into partnership with the Holy Spirit and be open to experiencing your Higher Holy Self.  Let yourself be guided and breath consciously and ask the Holy Spirit to take over.  Then you can step back, be more aware and you will know when there is something for you to do.  Otherwise… just be an observer.  Observe your thoughts, your relationships, your life.

Know you are Loved! 

Namaste,  Rev. Barb Walley

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