We Are One

Learn the Method of Conscious Breathing

When our energy is less than centered and when we recognize that  hey, “I could really use a faith lift,” that is when it is so very useful to use the “Hong Sau” method of conscious breathing.  Hong Sau means “I am He,” and it is an affirmation of our oneness with our Source. How it works is, just breath in deeply through your nose while mentally thinking “Hong” and breath out mentally focused on “Sau.  It is easy to do and I do it through-out my day to center myself in the midst of my busy life.  It is a conscious practice tool that I use to awaken the awareness of my unity with God.  Paramahansa Yogananda brought this method to the West and I am so deeply grateful that he did.  I learned this method from an Ananda Community in Nevada City California.  I was so uplifted by the experience that I decided to learn their Kriya Yoga practices and I am very grateful that I did.  But you don’t have to learn Kriya to do this.  Just breath in “Hong” and breath out “Sau.”   Start with five rotations and then increase to ten after about a week.

If we desire a greater connection with God we need to take actions that reflect that longing.  Turn your attention to the Divine and a reflection of your loving attention will come back to you in many wonderful ways.

Do you believe that we are all One with the Infinite? Has that idea changed the way you think about yourself and your life?  Every day when I wake up I check in with myself and see where my thoughts, my feelings and what attitude is occupying my energy.    There are days when I feel great and connected and grateful to be alive and in divine partnership with God.  There are also those times when I might have had a dream that I cannot remember that left an unconscious feeling tone in my vitality that mirrors discontent.

Know that you are Loved,  Namaste,

Rev.  Barb Walley

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